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Scene of a ground gas explosion

Peer review and expert witness

Whether it's providing expert reviews of ground gas investigations, contributing to improved technical guidance or helping navigate legal challenges, our team can provide top quality peer review and expert witness services.

Peer review

We have extensive experience of providing peer review services across the sector. This includes working closely with industry regulators to review regulatory guidance, and sitting on industry steering groups to develop new guidance.​

Our ground gas peer review services include providing:

  • forensic review of factual data and risk assessments on development decisions

  • expert reviews of ground gas investigation and risk assessment reports

  • expert second opinions on contentious development sites

  • final reviews of regulatory policy and guidance documents

  • technical expertise to steering committees developing guidance

Our peer review services can help:

  • provide confidence to developers, consultants and regulators in their development decision-making

  • provide truly independent industry insights to help inform regulatory policy and guidance

  • contribute to continuous improvement and best practice in industry practices

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Simon Talbot and John Naylor

Expert witness

Our Directors, Simon Talbot and John Naylor are recognised experts in the ground gas sector, who can provide expert witness services to help you navigate legal challenges.


Our company directors are chartered professionals with significant experience in minerals and waste planning, and ground gas contamination issues.

Key services we provide to help navigate legal challenges, include:

  • preparing expert witness statements

  • presenting technical information to planning committees and inquiries

  • explaining and presenting complex technical information appropriately for a non-specialist audience

By using our services, we can help:

  • ensure your case is supported by robust evidence and expert technical understanding

  • you understand and navigate the technical, scientific aspects of your issue


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