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The GasClam®

The GasClam® - the original continuous ground gas monitoring device.

Blue Headworks.HEIC
Headworks and dip tape on a development site

What does the GasClam® do?

The GasClam® is the original continuous ground gas monitoring instrument, which revolutionised approaches to monitoring when it was first introduced in 2008.

The GasClam® reliably records the concentrations of bulk gases (such as methane and oxygen) and trace gases (such as/ carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide).

We can deploy GasClams® in conjunction with other monitoring instruments to enhance a the datasets we generate and maximise the insights this can give us.

The benefits of the GasClam®

The GasClam® is a tried and tested instrument in the equipment available to us for continuous ground gas monitoring projects.


It's use is well-established as an industry monitoring approach and it provides robust, reliable monitoring datasets.

Along with other newer technology, like the GasSentinel® and the AirSentinel, the data generated from a GasClam® is key to helping us to accurately assess and understand the ground gas regime and potential hazards at a site.

Want to know more? Then feel free to get in touch.

GasClam in a borehole and headworks


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