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Gas Sentinel in headworks

Continuous ground gas monitoring

Our continuous ground gas monitoring and data analysis services will help you accurately understand potential ground gas risks at your development site.

What is continuous ground gas monitoring?

Continuous monitoring is where the monitoring frequency matches (or is greater than) the rate at which the parameter of interest changes - in this case, ground gas concentrations.

Continuous ground gas monitoring provides a thorough, genuine understanding of actual ground gas hazards and risks at your site.

This provides you with robust, good quality data that helps reduce uncertainty and will help accelerate the risk assessment for your site.

Brownfield development site
Continuous ground gas monitoring well

What instruments do we use?

We carry out continuous ground gas monitoring by deployment specialist instrumentation into a monitoring well, within a borehole. The specialist instrumentation we use include:

The GasClam®: This is the original instrumentation which revolutionised the world of ground gas monitoring. It is well-established and reliable piece of instrumentation

The GasSentinel®: And this is the next generation in continuous ground gas monitoring! Robust, lightweight and small it can fit in standard headworks or flush to the ground, our GasSentinel® and can be tailored to the specific monitoring needs of your project.

What can we monitor?

Our specialist instrumentation can provide continuous monitoring of:

  • bulk ground gas concentrations (methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide)

  • trace ground gas concentrations (such as hydrogen sulphide) 

  • relevant environmental parameters (such as atmospheric pressure)

  • continuous borehole flow monitoring

We then analyse and interpret the resulting continuous monitoring data, which can help build a representative and accurate picture of the ground gas regime and any hazards present.

Gas Sentinel flush in monitoring well
Colleague on site with headworks and ground gas monitoring equipment

What are the benefits?

Using our specialist continuous monitoring services can help you:

  • accurately understand the actual ground gas risks at your site

  • provide robust evidence to your regulator of your site’s ground gas risk

  • identify approaches to safely de-risking sites shown to be low risk

  • inform appropriate protection and mitigation measures for higher risk sites

  • save you time, money and project delays due to regulatory or design issues.

Assessing ground gas risks with continuous monitoring at early stages of a development project can help avoid retrospective design changes late in the day.


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