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Our heritage

Find out about our heritage at GGS Scotland as part of the wider GGS family of experts.

Colleague on site with monitoring equipment

The GGS family

At GGS Scotland we're proud of our heritage as part of the wider GGS family of experts.


Established in 2009, GGS have been providing specialist continuous ground gas monitoring services across the UK, and beyond, for over a decade.

GGS are industry leaders in the world of ground gas, and have pioneered instrument technology to improve ground gas monitoring and risk assessment.

As part of the wider GGS family, GGS Scotland can now bring this expertise and knowledge to a company focused specially on the needs of our clients in Scotland.

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Our Scotland projects

Our clients in Scotland were some of the first adopters of the original GasClam® instrumentation which revolutionised the world of ground gas monitoring.

Since then, the wider GGS family has delivered continuous ground gas monitoring and risk assessment work on projects across Scotland.

Check out some examples of the projects in Scotland we have worked on in recent years.

GGS continuous monitoring equipment
Colleague on site with ground gas monitoring equipment

Building on success

Building on this success, and with an expanding client base in Scotland, we have now launched our locally based GGS Scotland company.

At GGS Scotland, we aim to provide specialist ground gas services to meet the particular needs of the ground gas sector in Scotland.

Being locally based at our new office in Falkirk, we can now provide more cost effective ground gas services to clients across Scotland.


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