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Indoor air quality instrument on work surface

Indoor air quality monitoring

We provide a range of indoor air quality monitoring services for commercial and public building managers.

Why is indoor air quality important?

Poor air quality in your building can affect the health, wellbeing and the productivity of your workforce or occupants. It can lead to ‘sick building syndrome’ which can pose significant health hazards.

To understand any potential indoor air quality issues requires specialist monitoring.


Comparing these monitoring results against health and safety standards will then help you identify and mitigate for any air quality issues found.

Indoor air quality instrument on a chair
Indoor air quality instrument on the floor

Our services

We have a range of monitoring services which can help you understand and manage indoor air quality in your building.

Our key services include:

  • continuous CO2 monitoring

  • continuous VOC monitoring

  • identification of which VOCs are present (some are more harmful than others)

  • interpretative risk assessment against occupational health standards

  • recommendations on mitigations options

Benefits to your project

By using our services, we can help you:

  • ensure your occupants or workforce are safe from both acute and chronic health risks

  • provide you with evidence and reassurance you are meeting your legal obligations

  • identify potential health and safety liabilities

  • identify improvements to mitigate any air quality issues present

Want to know more? Then feel free to get in touch.

Indoor air quality monitoring instruments in an unoccupied building


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