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Continuous receptor monitoring on a windowsill

Continuous receptor monitoring (CRM)

Our continuous receptor monitoring services can help you understand any ground gas risks present within your buildings and premises.

What is continuous receptor monitoring?

CRM is like continuous ground gas monitoring, except it monitors for the presence and concentration of ground gases within new and existing buildings.

We use this approach when monitoring:

  • in existing buildings which are planned for re-development for a different use.

  • in newly developed properties to assess the effectiveness of the installed ground gas protection measures

This helps developers understand potential ground gas hazards that could affect future occupiers and users of their buildings.

Housing estate development
Continuous ground gas receptor monitoring instrument in room of a house

What instruments do we use?

Unlike continuous ground gas monitoring, we use CRM in situations where there is no borehole to deploy monitoring equipment. This is due to the monitoring being done within completed buildings.

For CRM, we deploy our exclusive instrument, the AirSentinel. Like our GasSentinel®, our AirSentinel collects high-quality continuous monitoring data on both bulk gases (e.g. methane) and trace ground gases (e.g. hydrogen sulphide), generally at lower levels.

And we can configure the AirSentinel to the particular needs of your project, from the gases monitored, to the sampling frequency and required deployment duration.

What are the benefits?

Our continuous receptor monitoring services can help you:

  • identify any ground gas hazards present in your property which could affect future occupiers or users.

  • inform implementation of appropriate ground gas protection measures.

  • assess the effectiveness of any ground gas protection measures you have installed.

Continuous receptor monitoring can provide robust evidence in a relatively short period to help you understand and manage any ground gas risks in your buildings.

Want to know more? Then feel free to get in touch.

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