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Ground gas risk assessment

At GGS Scotland we provide specialist interpretive risk assessments for complex and challenging ground gas issues. 

What are ground gas risk assessments (GGRA)?

A ground gas risk assessment is a detailed investigation to accurately understand any potential ground gas sources, migration pathways, and receptors on a site.

The results from a GGRA can help to produce an evidence-based ground gas risk conclusion for a site.

Developers can then use this to inform their development design, to ensure ground gas risks adequately considered and mitigated for.

Brownfield development site
Lines of Evidence representation diagram

How do we approach GGRAs?

At GGS Scotland, we take a 'lines of evidence' approach to ground gas risk assessments.


This approach involves bringing together and assessing multiple sources of information to generate a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the ground gas regime and hazards at at site. This can include: review of historic evidence, data from a new continuous monitoring programme, detailed conceptual site models and more.

Our GGRA approach is based on a detailed application of British Standards, including BS8576 and BS8485. 

Conceptual site models

A 3-dimentional CSM is a detailed schematic for a site which captures, and visualises, potential ground gas sources, migration pathways and receptors on your site. This contributes to a detailed and accurate understanding of the ground gas risks present on a project.

The British Standard (BS8576:2013) guidance requires a detailed schematic conceptual site model to be prepared where ground gas risks may be present.

A key part of our ground gas risk assessment services is producing detailed 3D conceptual site models, and incorporating this to our interpretive reporting.

Example of a conceptual site model (CSM)
Construction site

What are the benefits?

Using our ground gas risk assessment services can help you:

  • accurately understand the actual ground gas risks at your site by applying industry standards

  • provide robust evidence to your regulator of your site’s genuine level of ground gas risk

  • identify approaches to safely de-risking sites demonstrated to be low risk

  • inform appropriate protection and mitigation measures for higher risk sites

  • save you time, money and project delays due to regulatory or design issues

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