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Colleague carrying out radon monitoring

Radon monitoring

We provide specialist radon monitoring services to help you understand any risks radon may pose on your site.

What is radon and why monitor it?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas generated by the decay of minerals present in many rocks and soils.

It is present virtually everywhere, but usually only in very low concentrations. Whilst harmless when able to escape to the atmosphere, radon can pose serious chronic human health risks if allowed to accumulate inside buildings.

As radon is colourless and odourless, you need specialist equipment to identify any radon hazards present in your buildings.  And that's where our services can help you.

Our radon monitoring services in action!

Radon monitoring equipment in an historic building

Our work can often take us to interesting sites - in this case radon monitoring in a building of historic interest.

Our radon services

Using continuous and periodic monitoring techniques we can:

  • accurately assess and quantify actual level of risk at your site or building

  • advise on mitigation or remedial options where we identify elevated radon concentrations

We can advise on options to manage elevated radon concentrations either at construction design stage or retrospectively.

Benefits for your project

Using our services can help:

  • ensure occupants are protected from serious chronic health hazards due to radon

  • you implement either preventative or remedial measures to manage elevated radon levels

  • you install low cost preventative measures by allowing you to design them into your building from the outset

  • managers of commercial and public buildings meet their legal duty to protect occupants from harm

Want to know more? Then feel free to get in touch.

Radon monitoring equipment


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