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Sunrise over headworks and continuous ground gas monitoring equipment

Our values

Colleague on site with a Gas Sent


Our company ethos is to develop and implement cutting edge, innovative solutions and approaches.


We are continually innovating and developing our techniques and instruments to provide the best possible service.


Technical excellence

As part of the wider GGS family of experts, we have unparalleled knowledge of ground gas properties and behaviors, along with the largest fleet of continuous monitoring in the UK.


This makes us the natural choice for providing customers with real solutions to highly complex problems.

Handheld ground gas monitoring equipment

Tailored services

We provide professional, expert and bespoke service to our clients.


Our specialists work with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our services to exactly what your project requires.

GGS Scotland ground gas graphs


From our instruments to our monitoring strategy design to our technical reports, we pride ourselves on providing quality ground gas services.

Our instruments are carefully maintained, our monitoring is carried out with technical accuracy and our ground gas risk assessments are based on British Standards.



We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint as a company.

We aim to contribute to protecting the environment, building a sustainable future and contributing to tackling the climate crisis.

Colourful carnival ride

Equality, diversity & inclusivity

We are an inclusive employer who actively strives to support, improve and celebrate diversity, equality and respect for all.

We work with our staff to explore ways to improve our policies and approaches to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Colleague on site acting as look out

Health, safety and wellbeing

Ensuring our staff work safely is our highest priority. Our H&S processes and working practices focus on keeping people safe whilst working.

We also encourage our staff to take care of their wellbeing.  With a flexible working scheme, part-time working, good holiday entitlements and a mental health champion, we support our staff to achieve a good work-life balance.

Colleague conducting water sampling

Valuing our team

We believe our most valuable asset is our dedicated expert staff.

We take care of our staff, providing good employee benefits and flexible working approaches.

At GGS Scotland we focus on supporting the professional development of our staff to help drive life long learning.


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