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Gas Sentinel surrounding by grassy field

Meet our Gas Sentinel®

Our  exclusive Gas Sentinel is an industry leading ground gas monitoring device. 


Find out more below about what our Gas Sentinel® can do and how it can help on your project.

Hear about our GasSentinel® from our Technical Director, John Naylor.

What does the Gas Sentinel® do?

With it's custom designed high-resolution sensor technology, our Gas Sentinel is a key instrument in our continuous monitoring services.


The Gas Sentinel collects high-quality continuous monitoring data on both bulk gases (e.g. methane) and trace ground gases (e.g. hydrogen sulphide). And we can configure the Gas Sentinel to the particular needs of your project, from the gases monitored, to the sampling frequency and deployment duration.

Our Gas Sentinel is deployable within standard 50mm borehole headworks, making it suitable for ground gas monitoring at most sites. We can also deploy our AirSentinel, which uses the same technology, for continuous receptor monitoring projects (e.g. within buildings).

Key design features

Key design features of our Gas Sentinel® include:

  • continuous gas concentration and flow monitoring

  • long battery life for extended site deployment

  • multi-functional and tailored to the needs of your project

  • compact and transportable

  • compatible with standard headworks - raised or flush to the ground

  • secure in-borehole installation

  • telemetry enabled - versatile data acquisition and intuitive dashboard

Sentinel in headworks
Gas Sentinel flush to the ground


Benefits of using our Gas Sentinel® instruments include:

  • providing you with high quality continuous monitoring data to help inform decision-making on your project.

  • providing a robust, high quality dataset within a relatively short deployment period.

  • helping you to accurately understand the actual ground gas risks on your project site.

  • helping you to verify the ground gas management systems installed at your project site.

  • helping you demonstrate to regulators the appropriateness of your development design relating to ground gas risks


Want to know more? Then feel free to get in touch.


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